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Team Member Recognition

Team Member Recognition

Hilton Moments

Hilton Moments are those memorable and thoughtful things Team Members do every day to make our Guests feed cared for, valued and respected. “Hilton Moments” are extra-ordinary moments, which create unique and memorable customer experiences, as a result of the thoughtfulness of our people. We encourage our Team Members to be hospitable and responsive towards the needs of both our Guests and their own colleagues.

A Team Member, who goes the “extra step” can be nominated by another college for a Starbond. In order to give the opportunity of immediate as well as sequential recognition of outstanding performance we have adopted the Starbond system.

Catch Me at My Best:

Catch Me at My Best is all about celebrating our year-round commitment to Hospitality.
From June through August, Guests, Managers, and peers are encouraged to recognize Team Members who positively impacted their day by filling out this card and turning it in at the front desk.

Catch Me inspires friendly competition, and gives us the opportunity to recognize
all the acts of hospitality — big and small — that make our brand so special.

For a Hilton Moment, a Starbond and a Catch Me our Team Members receive a bonus of € 25.00 on their pay check.

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